Abortion: killing or mercy


Let me tell you this straight, I am against abortions. But in this article I want to stand for those, who did not have any choice but this radical one, and who had made this uneasy decision based on their unique circumstances.

The easiest thing is to criticize, I think. When it come to critics, the line up of volunteers arises, all eager to “throw a stone” and shower with unasked and unwelcomed advises. From where these critics are standing, any situation can be mended and “to them this would definitely never happen”. There is a Russian saying “the full won’t understand the hungry”. You have to be literally in someone’s shoes to approximately get whats going on.

I have a friend, she has grown up children. She is not in her 20 or even 30. Mature grown up woman, who has no one in her live to really lean on for help and to support her, morally and materially. She has friends of course, but I am talking here about a real man, knight in shining amours.

When she finally found one, miraculously she got pregnant. Miraculously, because of some health issues. She was really over the moon, her grown up kids were happy to meet their new sibling. Everybody was overwhelmed with joy.

Until that Down syndrome screening came along. The result was shocking. The girl (the sex was already revealed) had this syndrome. I have never seen anyone in this wrecked state before, she was wandering around with insane look in her eyes and went completely internal. How do I know about it? We worked together.

She was thinking about many things, like how to bring up such a child, what life will be for disabled, what is going to happen to her after she (my friend) dies. Yes, she thought even about this! But mostly she tried to realize if she had enough courage to face what was going to happen. The father did not try to bend her to keep the baby, actually he was an influencer that the baby would be better off not being born altogether.

She had an abortion. I dont kow if she regrets this now or is positive that her decision was the only right one. We don’t talk about this. But I don’t blame her. Each and every one of us has their own unique circumstances, that usually are not understandable for those, who are blessed to be all right in this life.




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