What to do with astringent persimmons

20150123_164844In this article I want to talk about persimmons and how to deal with its astringent.

This is a very tasty and useful health wise fruit and if it is ripe it shouldn’t have astringent properties. Astigent taste persimmons have due to level of tannins, and if this fruit is not ripe enough be prepared for this astringent sensation.

But if your persimmons are astringent you can try out these methods.

  •  put them in freezes up to 24 hours. I tried this method many times, and indeed the tannin level decreases dramatically, persimmons become non-astringent
  • Put them in a plastic bag and put there apples or bananas. The total should be for each 2 persimmons 1 apple or banana and leave it like this for 24 hours as well. Apples` and banans` chemicals destroy tannin
  • Pierce persimmons and put them in a warm water for up to 24 hours as well.

I love to eat them raw, and I also love persimmon jam. I do recommend taking non-astringent persimmons. I do this jam in my bread making machine, using preserves option. For 1 cup of persimmons I take 1 cup of sugar and a bit of lemon juice for colour.


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