Home made facial mask

I have dry skin, very dry. If I dont use thick creams, my skin gets so dry, to the point where I literally cant smile. 

I use moisturizers, of course. But also I came across these home-made facial masks, that are helpful for dry skin, help to replenish moisture and nurture skin.

In this post I want to share one recipe I just used today:


2 table spoons of cosmetic mud.

2 table spoons of olive oil.


This is the cosmetic mud I have, it is yellow.cosmetic mud If I mix with water, how they advise on the package, it dries my skin, on another hand, if I use it with the olive oil, it not only does what it is supposed to , but also moisturizes.

I mix the ingredients to the sour cream consistency, then put it on my face, avoiding eye contour area and wash it off in 20 – 15 min, when the mud is dry.

Today I also added I capsule of vitamins E for even more moisturizing benefits and antioxidant properties that this vitamin has.


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