My oil painting

I love art and anything that falls under category DIY, either something simple or not. Literally anything, that was made by hands, I greatly appreciate. oil I was thinking of trying oil paint for a long time, and finally went shopping with a clear purpose to buy everything for my first oil creation.

The first painting was strawberry. i know it looks a bit dull here, but in life it is brighter. My pear painting was done today.

I really like oils, I like the texture I can archive with this medium. However, there is something I personally dont like:



-drying period.

Smell is strong for me, may be because my oil paints arent the most expensive, or it is just my allergic nature to smells. With cleaning it does take some time to practice. After my strawberry I ended up with bathroom all smudged up in paint smears. But, if you are passionate about oils and know the cleaning strategy, go for it. For cleaning I used Canola oil (it cleaned my hands and pallet knives all right), and I tried nail polish remover to clean my table. Cleaned just fine as well. I also read that nail polish can be used as a thinner for oil paint, I have not tried it myself though. Here is a link from wikihow website, explaining professionally how to clean and what to use for oil paint.

And my paintings

Oil painting pear

Oil painting pear

oil painting strawberry

Oil painting strawberry


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